Children and War


INTD 4002/5004:  Children and War


Dr. Shelly Whitman, Executive Director of the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative

About the Course:

Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF claimed that 2014 was the most devastating year ever for children. It is not hard to see why. With over 15 million children directly affected by conflict and children used as soldiers in 14 countries, by 50 armed groups and seven state armies, violence continues to be a mainstay in many children’s lives.

Children and War, INTD 4002/5004, explores the many ways which conflict affects children worldwide. Why are children made to fight as soldiers? What are the responsibilities of the international community to children caught up in war? How can we protect children so they do not fall victim to armed conflict? This course will begin to answer these questions.

Children and War runs for 10 days from 17th-28th August, 2015, Mon to Friday from 9:35 am – 1:25 pm at Dalhousie University.

How to Register:

Students must register through the Dalhousie University Registrar’s Office. Students are encouraged to enroll by July 30th, 2015. Upon the successful completion of the course students will receive a half course credit that can be used towards their required course work or as an elective depending on their academic program.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to register. If you have any questions please you the contact form below.


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